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Harken's Landscape Supply & Garden Center - East Windsor, CT

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We deliver directly to customers all over New England utilizing our very own fleet of delivery vehicles. WE WILL NOT DUMP IN YOUR FRONTYARD OR BACKYARD!!

Multiple bulk items in a single order will be charged separate freight charges due to the need to deliver each item as a separate load.

We do not deliver on Sundays or on Holidays.

Please understand that the colors may vary from the pictures. We recommend visiting us to see the product in person or understand the color may be slightly different from the photo.




Our fleet includes:

  6 wheel dump truck:20ft long, 10ft wide w/mirrors,  10ft high.

  F-550 truck : 18ft long, 9ft wide w/mirrors,  7ft high

  TriAxle dump:34ft long, 11ft wide w/mirrors,  12ft high

  Med duty dump:23ft long,10ft wide w/mirrors,9ft high

  10 Wheel Dump Truck: 30Ft long, 11 ft wide w/mirrors, 12 ft high

  6 Wheel Dump Truck: 20 Ft long, 10ft wide w/mirrors, 10 ft high

 Tri-Axle Dump Truck: 34 ft long, 11ft wide w/mirrors, 12 ft high