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Landscape LightingLandscape Lighting

Now that you’ve got the patio and outdoor living space of your dreams in the planning process or already installed, you must determine: is this space functional at all hours of each day? Or can I only spend a limited amount of time enjoying it?

Many homeowners enjoy spending time on their deck or patio, grilling outdoors, or late-night swims in their pool. If you want to extend the use of your outdoor living space after the sun has set, outdoor lighting is essential for continued enjoyment. You'll use your outdoor areas more often, and you can relax in the safety of visibility.

Perhaps you have noticed when you drive through a neighborhood at night which houses stand out from others. Without light, you cannot see a home's features or landscaping—it all gets lost in the dark. While perfectly illuminated homes stand out, you may notice how the lighting elegantly enhances architectural and landscaping features.

Most homeowners initially invest in outdoor lighting because they are drawn to the beauty it brings. Not long after, they realize the security element that comes with the system. Lighting the exterior of your home is the number one thing you can do to increase its security and discourage unwelcome guests. Security lighting doesn't need to be harsh or startling to be effective.


Outdoor Ambience Lighting

TRU-SCAPE Lighting offers a high quality, affordable and simple product line of the landscape, hardscape, and deck lights. This product line is designed to fit and completely light up any outdoor living area. These landscape, hardscape and deck lights all operate from the same power source and provide the same light beam color visually matching the entire outdoor living space.
These Landscape Lights are solid brass tool-less fixtures that are offered in both Black and Bronze colors. The Deck Lights include a standard post cap light, hidden screw riser lights. Low-voltage transformers are also offered at Harken’s Landscape Supply, with the option of Bluetooth capability.

ABR Lighting has been in business since 2002, specializing in outdoor lighting and low-voltage products that are designed to last… and impress. Their architectural and landscape systems are among the best in the business, known for their durability and beauty. ABR Lighting is a leading manufacturer of premium lighting equipment. We have delivered ABR Lighting equipment to many clients who have used them to accent the architecture and landscaping of homes and because they provide a lifetime warranty on all die-cast brass fixtures, you can feel confident in their value.


Call our office at 860-528-6806 or stop by our yard and we can help light up your nights!