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Outdoor CookingOutdoor Cooking

The outdoor fireplace's domain is revolutionized, since 1977, by the company Les Foyers Feu Ardent Inc. with its principle of notched blocks that interlock into each other to form a precast modular outdoor fireplace. Each of the blocks that compose it are made from volcanic stones (lava rock) and are reinforced with a steel rebar that gives all our outdoor fireplaces a great heat resistance and an unmatched life expectancy. Moreover, as they require no mortar to support themselves, each of the offered outdoor fireplaces are designed to follow ground .

In order to make our fireplaces more versatile, you will be able to use your fireplace for outdoor cooking. Different cooking methods are offered to you: on cast iron plate, on cast iron grill, and it is possible to convert your hearth into a true outdoor barbecue on charcoal.

We offer fireplace’s with or without chimney, open on three sides and with storage space for wood. They are available all in 3 colors: gray, red or beige

Equipped with a short chimney, this outdoor fireplace minimizes the smoke that could annoy you.This hearth offers you the pleasure of cooking: either on its enameled cast iron plate or on charcoal with its enameled cast iron grill and its coalman. Above shown in Gray. Dimensions 42"w by 45"h by 34" d

Gray: Dimensions: 42"w by 60"h by 34"d


Red :Dimensions 42"w by 65"h by 42"d

This very popular, stone outdoor fireplace, is distinguished by its storage for wood and by its practical shelf on its left. Beige: Dimensions: 75"w by 65"h by 42"d

The volcanic stone precast fireplace has a symmetrical style and design. It has 2 shelves and spaces for storing your wood. Relax peacefully in front of a cozy fire and use it as well for cooking on its cast iron plate.


Shown in gray

Dimensions: Width: 106" / Height: 65" / Depth: 42"

Its right side gives you the leisure to do barbecue on charcoal while simultaneously making a fire in its central part. It will be easy and effortless to practice its activities at any time and this, without having to interchange your accessories. If you wish to convert your grill into a small lamb barbecue, equip your fireplace with the hood and the electric rotisserie, that will allow you to roast your favorite pieces of meat. Moreover, its left side allows you to put all your cooking set and to store your wood nearby.

Shown in gray

Dimensions: Width: 106" / Height: 65" / Depth: 42"

With all units there are some mandatory accessories that are required that are recommended by the manufacturer to ensure full working order.

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