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Harken's Landscape Supply & Garden Center - East Windsor, CT

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Harkens Garden Center & Landscape Supply Terms and Conditions:

Address Accuracy

Please make sure to provide a correct information so you can get your material! If the address is not entered correctly, your delivery will not make it. You need to provide a physical address, not Post Office boxes. You can save time and avoid frustration by entering the address information in the appropriate boxes and double-checking for typos and other errors.

Location for Dumping Accuracy

Make sure you get your material in the correct spot! If the location to dump is not entered clearly, or if your marker is not out,  your material will be dumped at the drivers best judgement. Avoid frustration by entering the information in the appropriate boxes and double-checking for typos and other errors. We do not take the wheels off the hard surface of your street or driveway. We highly reccommend the use of a wheel barrow to mark the location as in the past this has been the best practice to meet our customer's expectations.

Product Descriptions

We at Harkens attempt to be as accurate as possible when describing the products. However, Harkens does not warrant that product descriptions, colors, images, or other content of this site is accurate, complete, or error-free. If you have any questions or need a clarification, please call us prior to your purchase.

Processing Time

We process on-line orders as quickly as phone orders, if not faster. At times they will be processed beyond our normal “open” hours. This typically means your order is into our operational database within a half hour and scheduled.

Inventory Availability

We strive to have all on-line products in-stock and available for immediate delivery. Exceptions that historically have created out-of-stock situations: RAIN, Top Soil is not available during or for a few days after the rain ends, soil can NOT be screened if it is wet and generally not delivered during the rain. If the material is not available for more than five days, we will notify you by email of the situation and our best guess when the product will be available and alternatives.

Delivery Date

Unless stated to the contrary, your order will be delivered on the next available delivery spot. Note that we typically schedule one hour for most local deliveries and do not dispatch trucks outside the hours of 7:00AM to 7:00PM Monday thru Saturday. We do not delivery on Sundays.

Change / Postpone or Check Status of an order

Orders typically are delivered within a few days so stopping or changing an order should be achieved in either or both of the following methods.

Email –
Phone – 860-528-6806

Protect your information

Your information is NEVER sold or exchanged to any party. Our web site and operational database have password protection and back-up copies are stored in two safe locations. All paper relative to orders are shredded on-site prior to disposal. Our employees are trained and required to safeguard your information.