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Stone PaversStone Pavers

Stone pavers can be used in many different areas for exterior areas such as patio, gazebo, pool, walkways, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, decks, cabanas, bars, and water features.

It not only gives a luxurious design and look to your house but also adds a considerable amount of value. Most homeowners prefer natural stone due to its high quality look and durability.

There is couple of other reasons why natural stone is used for exterior usage.

Natural Stone pavers such as marble and travertine have more natural appearance than manufactured paving, ensuring that the customer gets the desired look.

Installation time for natural stone pavers is usually much less than for concrete because the stones are cut to a specific thickness and size. As a result, installation cost is generally lower than concrete.

Natural stone adds a random natural beauty that brick pavers don’t. Most natural stone materials are among the hardest ones in the world for any application. It should be considered first when looking for a permanent fixture.

Travertine, adds an earthy beauty with a Greco-Roman atmosphere as well as Tuscan to a landscape project.

It is a great alternative to bluestone due to its texture. Travertine and marble are from sandstone family; therefore they reflect sun and do not hold in the heat unlike bluestone.