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Harken's Landscape Supply & Garden Center - East Windsor, CT


Harken’s Landscape Supply and Garden Center offers a wide range of masonry products and tools. With name brands such as Conproco, Spec Mix, Quikrete, and LaFarge you’ll be sure to undertake projects like the pros. When you use masonry products, your options are expanded for your hardscape projects. Stop into our Sales Office to check out our selection!

Some of our masonry stock includes concrete and clay brick, solid and hollow block, rebar, Portland cement, masonry adhesive, stone cleaners and sealers, stone veneer mortar, concrete mix as well as gravel and sand to produce concrete.

Whether you are building an outdoor kitchen, resurfacing your steps with stone veneer, or cleaning and sealing your existing patio, we have the tools for the job.

We also have firebrick, that can be used for any high heat project. We have them both in whole and split, to fit any project you may be doing whether it is an indoor or outdoor fireplace, or wood burning stove. Along with firebrick, we have the high heat mortar you will need to apply the fire brick.