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CAMBRIDGE 10'X10' Patio Kit Ledgestone -Sahara Chestnut LiteCAMBRIDGE 10'X10' Patio Kit Ledgestone -Sahara Chestnut Lite

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CAMBRIDGE 10'X10' Patio Kit Ledgestone -Sahara Chestnut Lite

  Price: $799.00 per per kit + tax & delivery

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Product Description

10’x10’ Patio Kit

All materials included to create the perfect 10’x10’ patio for your new outdoor space!

Cambridge Ledgstone  Collection

$799.00 + Delivery


  • 1 Pallet of Pavers (3 color choices)
  • 2 yards of ¾” Process (Base Material)
  • ½ yard of Bedding Sand
  • 5 pieces of Plastic Beast Edging & Spikes
  • 2 Bags of Polymeric Sand

*Delivery Not included*

Directions for Installation

  • Excavate desired area, dig 10” down and clear earth out
  • Layer in the ¾” process to create a 6” base material
  • Compact the base material to a level surface (you can use a hand tamper or some hardware/tool stores have compactors you can rent)
  • Once compacted and level introduce the bedding sand. Create a level 1” base (uncompacted)
  • Carefully place pavers in the desired pattern (remember that these pavers are modular and all fit into each other)
  • Once all of the pavers are laid install the plastic edging around the whole perimeter. 5 spikes per length of edging
  • Once complete, gently sweep in the polymeric sand throughout all of the joints in the patio. Once completed and no excess is on the pavers take a hose and generously water the patio. Wait 24 hours for the sand to harden.